Frequency Yoga™

What is Frequency Yoga™

Frequency Yoga™ is a unique system that rejuvenates the body, enlivens the mind, and heightens one’s vibration utilizing Restorative Yoga and Sound Techniques.  Two minds came together and conceptualized the need to bring both sound techniques and restorative yoga together. These two minds knew there was something special happening on this planet and there was a need to share Frequency Yoga. The concept derives from combining the tools of restorative yoga and ancient sound techniques into one perfect program. This program is registered with Yoga Alliance.

​Frequency Yoga™ combines the beauty of restoration, the simplicity of receiving, and the joy of relaxing with the natural sounds of instrumental tools used by masters to provide rejuvenation to the body.

Opening your body into the restoring poses brings oxygen into areas which may be tight. The oxygen provides a sense of relaxation. The sounds from sacred musical instruments plays to the areas of your body, allowing the body to release. Once the body releases you can receive as you lay in savasana pose and rest. There is no thinking, there is no questing, this is just a matter of being.

The 200 hour teacher training program offers a deeper awareness into the vibratory sound of creation and all of life.

Each student has the opportunity to embark on their own personal sacred yoga journey, experiencing a powerful vibrational tune up for body, mind and soul.

Strengthening your connection on all levels and deepening self-awareness through Sound and Frequency is fun and accessible to all.

We nurture our student’s abilities to tune into the subtleties of sound and teach them how their energetic vibration can be positively activated and enhanced.

We focus on the 7 major energy centers in the body. Using restorative asana practices and specific sound techniques that concentrate on nurturing the tissues to open the body’s electrical system, central nervous system (CNS) and other energetic anatomy, we create a sacred space for rebalancing, greater alignment, and harmony.

Students can experience profound transformation as we help them cultivate and deepen awareness to their own frequency, and how it can be nurtured and vitalized through vibrational care practices and a variety of sound tools.

Our techniques are safe, effective, easy to learn and a blessing to share. They can be used at any age or stage of life from prenatal to end of life care and in any setting from studios, to hospitals, homes and outdoor spaces. No prior experience is necessary, yet this teacher training can be an upgrade to any established teacher’s toolbox. Frequency Yoga is a one of a kind opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Frequency Yoga  instruction is available from our trained students across the nation. Look for the USABY symbol for FREE CLASSES!

Yoga to Me and some books to read while you’re at it :)

To me, yoga is about connection, harnessing , and yoking all the energetic forces we live with. Yoga is not confined to just the physical exercises and practices. The literal translation of yoga is to couple and join together. That is why I believe yoga is about developing a higher awareness to bring together all elements of our form. Yoga provides a unification of differences. Differences in opinion, religion, spirituality, lifestyles, and customs are all welcome. To me, yoga is about connecting EVERYTHING. By simplifying the definition I created an open atmosphere for merging beliefs. Listed below are links to different forms of philosophies. There are more philosophies written, but I have chosen some of my favorites that have stories to speak for all. I have attempted to remain open in choosing the texts. Email if you suggest additional works of art that you think should be listed here.


The books to read:

The 10 Commandments brought from Moses

The Torah the most sacred text written in Hebrew and translated

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

The Art of War written by Sun Tzu

Go Rin No Sho – The Book of Five Rings as well known as Miyamoto Musashi

The Prophet written by Kahlil Gibran

Siddartha written by Herman Hessee

Ishmael an Adventure of the Mind and Spirit a story by Daniel Quinn

Guide to Wilderness Survival by Tom Brown