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The importance of consuming water

Why do you always tell me to drink water?      I perform sound healing. One of the big components of any sound healing performance is reminding my guests to consume H2O. It is essential, I say after performing a sound healing class. Just for this evening, drink so much water that when you see water […]

Frequency Yoga®

What is Frequency Yoga ® Frequency Yoga® is a unique system that rejuvenates the body, enlivens the mind, and heightens one’s vibration utilizing Restorative Yoga and Sound Techniques.  Two minds came together and conceptualized the need to bring both sound techniques and restorative yoga together. These two minds knew there was something special happening on this […]

Yoga to Me and some books to read while you’re at it :)

To me, yoga is about connection, harnessing , and yoking all the energetic forces we live with. Yoga is not confined to just the physical exercises and practices. The literal translation of yoga is to couple and join together. That is why I believe yoga is about developing a higher awareness to bring together all […]