Yoga to Me and some books to read while you’re at it :)

To me, yoga is about connection, harnessing , and yoking all the energetic forces we live with. Yoga is not confined to just the physical exercises and practices. The literal translation of yoga is to couple and join together. That is why I believe yoga is about developing a higher awareness to bring together all elements of our form. Yoga provides a unification of differences. Differences in opinion, religion, spirituality, lifestyles, and customs are all welcome. To me, yoga is about connecting EVERYTHING. By simplifying the definition I created an open atmosphere for merging beliefs. Listed below are links to different forms of philosophies. There are more philosophies written, but I have chosen some of my favorites that have stories to speak for all. I have attempted to remain open in choosing the texts. Email if you suggest additional works of art that you think should be listed here.


The books to read:

The 10 Commandments brought from Moses

The Torah the most sacred text written in Hebrew and translated

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

The Art of War written by Sun Tzu

Go Rin No Sho – The Book of Five Rings as well known as Miyamoto Musashi

The Prophet written by Kahlil Gibran

Siddartha written by Herman Hessee

Ishmael an Adventure of the Mind and Spirit a story by Daniel Quinn

Guide to Wilderness Survival by Tom Brown

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