Welcome to USABY!

Years ago, I needed a yoga class.

I knew I needed one because I had become a yoga teacher, but needed someone to instruct me. Everything was outside of my budget. My budget was FREE. I then vowed I would provide services to communities without any expectation of return. The only request is we as a community lift each other to a higher place in order to collectively raise our selves to peace.

The creation began. I am thankful for being given this opportunity to share and welcome you to my classes. Whenever you see the USABY symbol, know the class is completely free. All you have to do is show up and receive. Our community has donated for your benefit. All donations are done outside of the classroom. Some programs have selectively added us to their events page. The most up to date events are currently found on Facebook.

I thank my mother for her loving kindness. I thank my son for his participation, phenomenal heart, amazing soul, and absolute peace.  To G-d, I thank you! xoxo